Trends Around the World…Welcome to Spring

By Akela Moore

Traveling the globe and visiting different countries, fashion has its own language and allows you to adapt to what its saying. The international boutiques that are found on Shoptiques allows you to explore all cultures. Can you always tell a New Yorker? All black from head to toe can usually be spotted on a individual whose from the big city. Lets see some of the looks from around the world that we can find right at our fingertips.  (more…)

Shoptiques Explores Fashion in the US

At Shoptiques, their community is obsessed with discovering unique products from the very best independent boutique shops around the world. Every day, our customers explore more than 5,000 shops in thousands of cities around the world to tap into local culture and style and shop the world.


I truly enjoyed the reading highlights on the state of independent boutique shopping, fashion, and consumer behavior in 2016 and Shoptiques discovered which city wears the highest heels, when Americans where white the most throughout the year, which generation wears more lingerie and what states wear one piece bathing suit or a two pieces. I’m not surprised by some of their findings. Read on. (more…)