Bloomingdales 59th St. Welcomes Revamped Shoe Floor

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By Akela Moore

7 years ago Bloomingdales was what I called home. It was my part-time job for a year at the Hackensack, NJ location. The place where I learned about Helmut Lang and Vince and their large Denim area in the contemporary section of the 2nd floor. Next to 59th Street, its one of Bloomingdales oldest locations and since it was so close to Manhattan, there would be tons of designer returns back to that location and they housed a whole department just for NYC returns because they don’t carry some of those brands. So for the past year the 59th Street location has been renovating the 5th floor shoe department and when I say it looks amazing…it looks AMAZING!


Scoop Soho Says Bye Bye

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One of New York’s most loved boutique is saying goodbye to their SoHo location. Scoop Nyc is leaving their flagship location after 20 years. The boutique made shopping easier and unique while launching major brands.  As everything in NY including my own 9-5, rent is going up and units aren’t moving fast enough. With that said this works in the favor of customers who now can get something from the retailer before its all gone.


Right now, everything in store and online is 10% off, hats and boots at 30% off. Closing dates have not been set but the doors will close whenever, everything is sold out.



A Night Out With the Guys at Lord & Taylor


Chrissy-Teigen-251It was a Guys Night Out at Lord & Taylor’s 5th Ave store in NYC. The 9th floor was bustling with lines filled with fans trying to get a autograph on their baseball from Joe Girardi, a kiss from Chrissy Teigen and a handshake from the guy who made the greatest catch in the Giants game last month that still has him trending, Odell Beckham Jr. Also making guest appearances were New York Yankees former and present pitchers Mariano Rivera and Dellin Betances.I had a chance to meet Joe Girardi last night and I’ll say that man is aging beautifully! Also a highlight for me which has nothing to do with fashion were the tiny little chicken pot pies that were a part of the passed hord’oeurves. Successful event to boost some sales right before Christmas! See more pictures here.