New Year

Land a New Job in Style!

black printed pants

New Year..New You..right?! Well for some that can mean a new job and for me I hope that’s true. One way to stand out from the crowd is to dress the part and here are a few tips I complied to help you guys out as well as myself.


Allow Me to RE-Introduce Myself…

DSC_0466“I’m from where local runs and ubers never come”

I realized it is 2015 and we haven’t been properly introduced! Who is Amber Monae?!

Well, I am co-creator of The Fashion Plug, as well as a Merchandise Coordinator for a cosmetic company. My friend Akela and I started this blog because we attend the same events and have been in this fashion bubble for a while. We are similar in some ways but have different views on fashion…same focus different view. I am a Bronx born, Harlem breed fashionista who is influenced by the melting pot in which I grow up. Having graduated from Howard University, I returned back to my hometown to take on the fashion world but came to realize that it would not be so kind to me. I have attended many fashion shows like Tracy Reese, Max Azria and Philip Lim as well as worked them, been the intern, a stylist assistant for Kesha McCleod and a full time employee(the list goes on). Having a background in fashion gave me a keen eye for detail but I live for the everyday looks on the street and trends set. Through my experiences I have always wanted to have a voice and talk about the love of fashion…after all it is a lifestyle. So hopefully you guys enjoy the blog and the journey of where it can go.

image“A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous”


Fifty Selfies of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga ShishiedoOne thing I love about the Lady Gaga’s, the Beyonces and the Miley Cyrus’s of the world are that they do things on their own accord and are super creative. Lady Gaga is the new face of Shiseido Spring 2015 and you would think she would have a high-profile photographer take these pictures but no-no the pop star can add photographer to her resume. According to WWD, she will shoot 50 different shots of her face and in line with the busy shopping period, the campaign will go live nationally only in Japan starting at the top of the New Year.  Well Happy New Year to Lady Gaga!

~Akela Moore