milk makeup

Makeup Monday!! Make it Milk

By Akela Moore

Well we are in full Fall swing and most real New Yorkers favorite time of the year. Fall fashion and beauty makes a huge change from the sweltering heat of the summer to cool jackets and makeup to fill up your closets and bags. If you are are a lover of foundation or tinted moisturizer like I am, Mlik Makeup has now added a foundation to their collection.

‘New Season, New You”! There’s no better way to fall into, well, fall than with a fresh foundation! Milk Makeup is oil-free, silicone free and vegan. Blur Liquid Matte foundation provides weightless full coverage and you will have to pull out your wallet ladies because this foundation is a bit more on the pricey side at $40. Try it out for yourself and shop Blur Liquid at

Think i’m going to try out the Golden Deep color!


Milk Studios Launches #MilkMakeup


If you know me you know I love art and going to galleries. NYC is such a great place for representation for artists and Milk Studios which houses several fashion brands always has great gallery events for artists to showcase their work. Last night Milk Studios launched its Milk Makeup line and was hosted by Zoe Kravitz and Samantha Urbani. First there was a dinner to celebrate and then later the turn up was real with The Milk Makeup Rager and had performances by Leikeli47, Santigold, and Salt-N-Pepa. Check out to shop some of the products. (more…)