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Lie Sangbong & Soko Glam Evening with Vogue Beauty Editor Monica Kim

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Meatpacking district houses some of the trendy and chic boutiques and last night Lie Sangbong & Soko Glam held an evening of conversation with VOGUE Beauty Editor Monica Kim. She discussed how Korea is transforming the global beauty and fashion landscape. When you are in NYC check out Lie Sang Bong in the Meatpacking District.  (more…)

The Red Sole Diary

3So two weeks ago, Valentine’s Day to be exact, my boyfriend surprised me really well. After dinner he surprised me by walking me into the Christian Louboutin store in Meatpacking and telling me to choose whatever shoe I liked. Now this was shocking to me as I didn’t see this coming at all and literally told him 5 minutes prior to that I am going to buy myself a pair. Who knew he had a different agenda after dinner. He told me “Follow me we are going for a walk”. Naturally,  I got the classic patent leather So Kate’s as I always wanted a classic pair and a funky pair of CL’s…. 1 down 1 more to go or so I think, LOL!  After trying them on I realized that these CL’s are seriously not that comfortable. I managed to walk around in the store just fine, but once I got home and tried to break them in I was unsuccessful. Well B-A-B-Y, I thought I had the wrong size because they weren’t as comfy (Trust me, they never are)! After days of carpet walking and googling for assistance I found some helpful tips. (more…)

Instyle Magazine & Sorel Footwear Take NYC

Sorel Takes NYCInStyle Magazine hosted Sorel Footwear launch event in NYC at their Meatpacking store. As the winter really starts to take form in the next coming months you might want to drop by this store and grab some stylish boots. Like the sign says its “Outdoor Luxe” and in 1962 Sorel brought the spirit and heritage of expertly crafted boots to the modern world of fashion to inspire a new generation of doers, creators and builders. I would completely agree this is a generation of doers and creators. Visit to find out more about these comfortable fashion forward boots! (more…)