Mac cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics Sample Sale

As I sit here at work looking at makeup I get an alert from my Howard University group to mark my calendar… Mac Cosmetics is having a sample sale!!!! The sale will take place Tuesday July 19th – 22nd from 2pm-7pm at 123 W. 18th street, 4th floor. You might want to get their on the first day on time as this is going to be a crazy sale.


Low Tier Beauty Products on the Rise


I am a late bloomer in the makeup game but see a lot of low-end brands competing with big names like Mac which are most females go to place other than Sephora. I am really into lipsticks at the moment and have bought a few Mac lipsticks as it’s the only place I would think to go with so many variation of colors. On top of that there are many lip pencils that can make one lipstick look 3 different ways. Am I the only person that walks down the street and can identify if a girl is wearing Ruby Woo or Rebel (my go to’s)?  In my head I’m saying, hey girl, is that Rebel with the currant lip liner? (more…)

Miley Cyrus gets Glam

As I stated in the Amfar Gala post, Miley Cyrus has been announced as the 2015 spokesperson for MAC Cosmetics’s Viva Glam collection.  Following in the footsteps of the rapper Eve, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga, what perfect world for Cyrus to jump into. The pink campaign image shows Cyrus dressed in a bedazzled onesie of course, in a mirrored room.