Lemonade Braids

By Amber Monaé

With the weather getting warmer it’s time to showcase a new hairstyle trend… the Lemonade braids aka side box braids. Beyoncé has worn braids very early in her career but most recently brought them back in a popular way with the release of her lemonade album, where she rocked a variation of styles. One style we have seen her in the most are the side box braids so much so that they are now being requested by many clients. Take a look (more…)

#WCW Beyonce’s Lemonade


bey 2

Its been 4 days since the Queen Bey pretty much stopped the world and debuted “Lemonade” on HBO. So today, I have to give her a The Fashion Plug #WCW and the first because she’s been the topic on every single media outlet and platform across the world. When you are on CNN, you know its ground breaking. I have to give it to the Queen she’s elevated this music industry to another level that can only be compared to the greatest of all time Michael Jackson (both Virgos btw hehe shout to all my Virgos) and with that said I’m here for all of her looks. Which was your favorite look and moment?

bey 3

bey 4

bey 5

bey 6

~Akela Moore