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6By Amber Monaé

Since the new look of Gucci, celebrities have been running to get their hands on the most outrageous pieces of the brand. The new hot items are the Gucci sunglasses as there are so many to choose from to turn heads. From the flip-ups, to the pearlized, Gucci has something to get you noticed. Check it out (more…)

Get Active in Athleisure

Hannah Bronfman-athleisure-long coat and beanie

(Photos courtesy of bloglovin)

Being that active wear is worn to do basically everything and is also in style, what perfect way to wear it than for this upcoming Fashion Week. The temps have dropped and you want to be comfortable as well as stylish, so why not try this trend on for size. Hannah Bronfman will lead the way. Inspo here (more…)