Bloomingdales 59th St. Welcomes Revamped Shoe Floor

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By Akela Moore

7 years ago Bloomingdales was what I called home. It was my part-time job for a year at the Hackensack, NJ location. The place where I learned about Helmut Lang and Vince and their large Denim area in the contemporary section of the 2nd floor. Next to 59th Street, its one of Bloomingdales oldest locations and since it was so close to Manhattan, there would be tons of designer returns back to that location and they housed a whole department just for NYC returns because they don’t carry some of those brands. So for the past year the 59th Street location has been renovating the 5th floor shoe department and when I say it looks amazing…it looks AMAZING!


Stevie Boi Opens NYC Flagship Store #SBSHADES

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Words can’t express how happy I am for Stevie Boi. He let me be an assistant stylist at his NYFW fashion show for Fall 2014 and he always kills it. Its amazing to see two years later he has his own flagship store in NYC. Success is beautiful and I’m so happy to see this brand grow. See what the night looked like. (more…)