Fashion Week Files: Amber Vs. Akela

akela FW Amber FW

I personally love these photos of us last week during New York Fashion Week. Totally depicted our styles BUT for one night we SWITCHED!!! It was a night of fun out with our men but I was UPTOWN and she was DOWNTOWN…literally. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t stay true to our personal uptown/downtown styles. Which style was your favorite?? Let us know!

~Akela Moore

Jennifer Hudson in an ad for Soho Jeans Collection.Jennifer Hudson just made Soho Jeans from NY & Co a bit cooler.

J Hud will appear in photos for the brand  including in-store, print, digital and social media platforms. The Soho Jeans Collection, which will be available for purchase on July 22, is a series of designs created in New York which is meant to encapsulate a downtown vibe.

Jennifer loves that the brand is  both fashion-forward and comfortable at the same time.

The Soho Jeans Collection is Seventies-inspired fashion that includes high-waist flare sailor jeans, high-waist jean leggings in addition to a boho fringed skirt.The denim ranges from sizes 0-18 and will retail for less than $70 per piece. Get your own pair of Soho Jeans by visiting the website.

~Akela Moore