Pretty In Pink in the Hamptons

akela pink

This past weekend NY Magazine held a summer event at the Montauk Beach House in Montauk, NY. So what exactly would you wear to a pool party event in the Hamptons?? I think most would say white but why not HOT PINK? A hot pink bando top, a flared neopreen skirt and a pop of blue sandals and I was off to frolic in the sun and drink Casa Noble Tequila. Montauk Beach House is super cute and I would go back.

NY Mag


~Akela Moore

Outfit of the Weekend

akela outfit

Two more months left of these 1985 birthdays and everyone I know turning 30 which is basically the only reason lately that I go out on the weekend lol. So here’s my outfit of the weekend. A blazer and distressed jeans with a pair of heels to dress up the look. Instead of wearing a full blouse under the blazer I chose a neon pink bandage top adding a bright pop of color to a dark color block blazer.


~Akela Moore