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Top Trends for Fall 2015


Fall 15 1Its almost that time of year and Fall fashion magazines have hit stands and yes ladies and gents the countdown to New York Fashion Week has officially begun as we are right under a month in. So I’m going to share with you some of my favorite fall fashion trends for 2015 htat were shown last fashion week. You can start to embark on these threads as our favorite departments stores have started rolling them out.


Resort 16 Trends

Not quite spring nor is it fall but the in-between season presentations have become popular. These collections are suited for people looking for transitional clothing. So after a hectic month the shows are complete and you don’t have to look through them all to see what’s hot, I already have!

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The Fashion Plug Swimsuit Edition

bathing suit 7Its been almost a week since the unofficial start of the summer aka Memorial Day Weekend occurred. There were barbecues, outings in Central Park, trips to the Hampton’s and of course trips to the beach. I stuck to a couple of barbecues but I oh so wanted to jump in some water. I literally just came back from Jamaica a week before, so I wasn’t too mad because I  still have a tan and had great use of my bathing suits. So now I want to share my favorite bathing suit silhouettes for Summer 2015 and where to get them. If you are on a super budget, Mandees has bathing suits 2 for $10 and I didn’t even know they sold bathing suits! I always make a run for Target when in search of a new bathing suit just a little secret, some of the bathing suits you find at Macy’s are also at Target a bit cheaper…just food for thought. I just recently learned about which is a bit pricier but many options and Victoria’s Secret is currently having their Annual Swim Sales. Check both sites to find my favorite picks for the fashion plug swim edition. (more…)

Spring Trend – Long Trenches


It’s Trench Coat season and just like the winter, long over coats are in style which has now carried over into the spring time!  Most trench coats should hit above the knee but not this season. Although it is spring the cold chill is still in the air, see how our favorite celebs embrace the trend…light colors long lengths. (more…)

Take Those Gloves Off and Show Your Hand Candy for Spring

jewel 8

Beauty Beyond Fashion

I wanted to share my love of accessories today and I chose some of my favorite hand candy images for your viewing pleasure. I have a great eye for shoes BUT handbags and jewelry, I can pick out with my eyes closed. What I love about the jewelry and ring trends of the most recent years is that people are really having fun with them. I don’t know about you guys, but I am a Friends fanatic. Pretty much watch the re-runs every night before I go to bed. One of the things I hone in on is Phoebe’s character always has her fingers full of ring accessories and the show is 20 years old! Talk about vintage and how pop culture television from the 90’s reminds us that trends are cyclical. Even though Rachel was into fashion, Phoebe displayed her quirky personality through looks on the show. But you don’t have to be hippie chic or quirky to rock the stacking jewelry trend. So check out how to accessorize your hand candy with your handbags and where to get the pieces.

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