Off-White Backlash

By Amber Monae

Like most, I was given a glimpse into Virgil’s label off-white, “Christmas in April” company party and was surprise to see no one of color. Well, actually, I was suprise but not. We know how these fashion brands can be but what confused most people is that a man of the African and American community that garners a lot of support from those communities wouldn’t hire at least someone who looks like him. So there is no one of color in the creative, technical world? I’m sure what seemed like a fun evening to share with his thousand of fans brought light to the fact that just because we blindly support our own once they reach the top, doesn’t gurantee they will reach back to bring us along. See his statement below

“My design team is diverse as the world is big. The video shown was an Off-White ™ dinner at the headquarters in the city of Milan, Italy. This party was to celebrate the hard work of the local Italian team.”

Though Virgil went on to support his claims by naming the black men he has collabo with in the past he still has yet to show any people of color as his employees.

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