Lisa Lori Brings Her Love of Connecticut to the Manhattan Streets

By Akela Moore

The Perfect Provenance located at 47 Arch Street, Greenwich, CT 06830

Perfect means having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics as good as it is possible to be. Provenance means the place of origin or earliest known history of something. ” Lisa Lori’s vision came to life three years ago after 20 years plus as a Public Relations and Marketing professional by opening the luxury lifestyle retailer The Perfect Provenance in downtown Greenwich, Connecticut. Us city folks got a glimpse of what the retailer has to offer by having a pop-up at the FANCY Flagship Store in Soho. There was a showcase of carefully curate fashion and accessories from around the world. To check out the amazing collections visit

You can only learn the DNA of a brick-and-mortar store by learning who the owner of the and creator of the retailer is. Speaking with Lisa Lori I was able to learn how The Perfect Provenance began.

Lisa Lori, founder of The Perfect Provenance

1. How did the concept of the boutique and the cafe get started?

I worked in luxury goods for 25 years and I also wanted to open my own store.  After I decided to close down my PR business, I spent much more of my daily time in Greenwich where I live and I thought retail and food had just become to mass market.  Everywhere you turn in most cities are all big national brands.  It’s so nice to have locally based shops that are part of the community.  The restaurant invites conversation and gives it vibrancy.  I began working on the concept and we found a location that was perfect — it took more than a year to develop everything.

2. What is the connection between Greenwich and The Perfect Provenance?

Why was Greenwich the chosen location?  I live in Greenwich with my family, it is an affluent market with a diverse culture of people who come from many different cultures and countries, more than most people realize.  I believed that they would be interested in the kinds of designers we would feature and the stories we would tell.

3. Is there any designers that you love and would want to work with in the the store?

We would work with so many great designers.  We have a new handbag line launching this spring called Michino from Paris, I can’t wait to introduce them.

4. Tell us about the architecture and layout of the store.

I felt strongly it should be in a home and give it a warm, inviting feeling.  Our store is located in a 1912 Victorian home just off the main street — Greenwich Avenue.  The first floor has our cafe and home & gifts, our second floor has men’s and women’s fashion and more gifts.  We renovated it from top to bottom and paid homage to it’s Victorian heritage with a modern look.  We found what we believe to be the original front door, fixed it and put it back on.  

5. What’s your favorite dish in Cafe 47? What do you recommend to a first timer?I personally love our delicious soups, our new chopped salad and our tuna burger but there are lots of delicious choices.  Our Asian Chicken salad is our best seller and our burger is delicious.

I truly enjoyed the pop-up and fell in love with this army fatigue “Make Love Not War” jacket and now that the warm weather in NYC has finally come to Spring, a little day trip to the country is so in the works.

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