Urban Skin Rx launches at Target

By Amber Monaé

Last night, Once Upon A Red Carpet attended the launch of Urban Skin Rx in Target stores. Now, prior to the launch all I knew about this brand is that most of our favorite celebrities swore by the line that was created with us melanin rich girls in mind. Created almost 12yrs ago by founder Rachel Roff the line is finally accessible at your local Target. 


Roff’s journey to creating a skincare line began when she realized there wasn’t enough estheticians that knew how to treat people of color in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, which is odd since there is a huge African American population there. So, she decided to create, Urban Skin Solutions, a medical spa that catered to all people of color. After the success of her medi spa, she decided to start her own skincare line to meet the needs of her growing clientele.

Due to the outpouring success she garnered through social media only, she had the tools to take her brand even further, hence, the celebration last night. The event was set up in a lower Manhattan loft hosted by customer and spokesmodel Eva Marcille. Being the line caters to the melanin rich crowd the event was flooded with nothing but brown skin baddies.

Socialite Angela Simmons came through looking glitzy

Angela caught up with rapper Remy Ma who just released a song with Chris Brown titled, “Melanin Magic

Founder Rachel posed with a few reality TV stars, Tara Wallce (c) and Karen Huger(r)


As I went through my goodie bag I was so happy to see these products in there because this set was the hot item of the night. Can’t wait to see the results.

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