Girl BO$$ – Conna Walker

By Amber Monaé

Who is Conna Walker? Only the founder of one of the hottest brands out there… any guess?! Well, it is none other than the House of CB, the young mogul not even 25 yrs old has the biggest names (J.Lo, Beyoncé & Kim Kardashian) wearing her brand on a everyday basis. So how did she do it? How did Conna with no fashion training grow to this major powerhouse. Since today is her birthday I thought it was time to get more acquainted with her.

I read that you don’t have a fashion background, yet you’ve still managed to create such an impressive business. How and why do you think that is?

I think it really comes down to a really—I honestly just really, really loved clothes. I’d always been looking for things that I couldn’t find and I am not bad at drawing, so that was kind of a natural thing for me, I guess. Then I was lucky that the manufacturers I was working with at the time didn’t need me to be super professional or technical. They just understood through my explanations of how I wanted stuff. But when the business got better I hired designers and they brought things to the table, like how you structure a design and all the technicalities, so I didn’t have to learn that myself. I was quite lucky in that regard. Even though I did not necessarily have a plan in the beginning, I found out quite quickly what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take things. Learning as I went along taught me a lot more than, say, just beginning with a lot of cash and a big company already. It’s made a huge difference in how I handled the brand and how it’s all very hands-on.

What kind of woman do you design for?

Honestly, it was really for me at first. And even still now, I am still the girl that I design for—although our customers are the whole reason we do what we do. A lot of it was just because there were things I wanted that I felt I could not find anywhere else. And so I made them.

Is there a specific body type to wear House of CB?

Yes, definitely. And I think I wanted to design for a girl that did not necessarily have curves, but wanted them, if that makes sense. I had a very feminine idea in mind. But I think also the whole thing has evolved a lot and that’s partially because of the difference of me being 17 when I started and now being 24. We’re quite consistent in how feminine we are, but now we are getting a bit more modern. Things are quite figure hugging.

Why do you think so many celebrities love House of CB so much?

It’s funny because I was speaking to Rob, who is one of JLo’s stylists, when we were in Vegas, and he said that [he loves it] because it’s a sexy brand that not’s cheap, if that makes sense. Like the fit and the fabrics are really good. And he said that they find it difficult to find brands that strike that balance. He mentioned a few others that have that vibe, but other than that, everyone is either quite covered up or really casual. It’s about finding that balance in the middle, and that’s kind of why he thinks people love it so much. Also, a lot of our pieces do not have to be tailored for celebrities, which is really pretty unusual. They can just put it on and go

How do you think social media has played a role in your success?

It has been one of the key factors to building my brand. Without it, it wouldn’t have been possible. It has been key to our growth. We don’t post any classic advertising—we don’t do TV ads, we don’t do any paid advertising in that way. So it’s all quite organic, and I do think that is truly because of social media. The whole social media celebrity thing has really made people aware of the brand

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