Torrid S/S 2018 Presentation

By Amber Monaé

One of the most anticipated shows of the season wasn’t your typical designer but in fact a brand that can be regularly found in any mall. The brand I speak of is none other than Torrid. Who would’ve thought?! I was able to score a front row seat to the hottest ticket in town which already had previews of what was to come in and Refinery 29. If you are not familiar with the store it sells trendy and affordable pieces for sizes 10-30. I might not be the brand’s demographic but I loved everything I saw and was inspired to remix some of my own pieces. See here. 


The collection was about art and expression and the fusion of those two things. Torrid explored the idea that apparel should reflect the many sides of a woman. A woman is never just one thing. The result of the line was a juxtaposition between feminine and edgy artistry.

Torrid is the hottest fashion brand for women of sizes 10-30. They embrace all women and help to bring out the inner beauty through exceptional styling and fit. Torrid’s memo is to make women feel Cool, Confident and Sexy.

They did that!

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