LaLa Anthony in B*tch Mode

By Amber Monaé

Who you calling a B*tch? 

This word has many meanings from being aggressive and rude to be friendly and a status symbol. What do you consider a Bad B*tch these days?!  Read our girl LaLa’s interview with as she takes on the term plus her rise as a mogul in the making.

A bad bitch, for Anthony, is hardly the ferocious she-devil that the media likes to paint opinionated and ambitious women as, but an empowered, shrewd strategist. “You can take the power out of any word, it just depends on how you use it,” she explains. “I realized that a bad bitch is a good thing. It means you’re in control and it means you know what you want. You have a good head on your shoulders.” And in control, she is. Anthony is at a precipice in her career—a media mogul in the making.

The former MTV VJ, who got her start at the age 16 as an intern for New York’s Hot 97 radio station, signed a 360-development deal with iTV earlier this year. The career-making deal already has Anthony producing and developing a non-scripted show with Timbaland on her old network, MTV, and working with Queen Latifah on making Anthony’s New York Times Bestseller relationship-guide, The Love Playbook, a motion picture—in which Anthony will also star. There is of course, the stunning polymath’s much-anticipated return to television this summer as “LaKeisha” on Power, Starz’s runaway hit. It’s a complicated role that has broadened Anthony’s acting chops and made her a central figure on cable television’s highest-rated show. A fashion line for Lord & Taylor is rolling out later this summer to solidify Anthony’s sprawling reach in culture. “That’s a bad bitch rule: Make your own opportunities!” she says, laughing.

A bad b*tch is expensive but a good woman is an investment

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