Skies the Limit

Related imageBy Amber Monaé

As a native New Yorker, you know we have certain routines that we just don’t break. Routines such as the way we get to work, the way we get to a particular train station or even how we leave work. Well for the last 5 years I have been walking the same way until I decided to try a different route. When I removed the tunnel vision and looked up I notice a new rooftop… Monarch rooftop, located in the heart of the city on 35th between 5th and 6th avenue.

The lavish penthouse is spacious with eccentric decor as you can see here.

 Decor is cool but let’s discuss what people really want to know… how’s the food and drinks? Amazing! My palate was dancing with flavor. There is something for everyone with a wide selection of finger foods to go along with vibrant drink options.


I was able to taste a plethora of Monarch’s signature cocktails which were all very different but so good. The Jamaican Java and Captain Coconut(pic above) were my favs.

As you can see all the drinks are based on vacation spots. The drink locations brought me to every destination I love or dream of visiting. They change the drink names for the seasons.

With a perfect view of the empire state building as the backdrop, Monarch rooftop is perfect for summer friday’s, after-work meetup, corporate events and fashion week presentations. You can shop (especially now with all the sales going on) and then cross the street to Monarch for a drink.

You can catch The Fashion Plug here between shows during  Men’s fashion week.

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