Style Lessons From Jenna Lyons

By Amber Monaé

Not all heroes wear capes. Jenna Lyons wore sequins. With jeans. The announcement of her exit from J. Crew is one of sweet sorrow, but her influence on how we dress will be her legacy. She redefined luxury, aggressively encouraged us to add a “pop” of color to every outfit, and taught us how to roll up our sleeves just-so. With Lyons gone, we don’t know where J. Crew is going, but we know where they’ve been. Here, are a few quintessential J. Crew items we’ll always be grateful for. – Elle

The White Button Down

Lyons taught us how to make a plain white button down look cool. She helped us realize that this wardrobe staple goes with everything: denim, tulle skirts, and anything in between.

Daytime Sequins

 B.J.C—before J. Crew—sequins had the unfair reputation as a gaudy embellishment you could only wear after dark. In a move of pure genius, Lyons pared down the clubby textile with denim, making it work for the office.

Men Full Frame Plastic Aura: 16-46 Black Aura: 16-46 Black 2005884

The Nerd Glasses

You can’t think about Lyons without her signature frames. These aren’t actually produced by J. Crew, but Lyons made old-school thick black-framed glasses her signature. After seeing her wear them, we all dabbled with these acetate frames whether we had poor vision or not.

These are just a few lesson we’ve learned from the creative director. To see the rest of the list visit


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