The Sounds of Dan Miz

By Amber Monaé

Last Thursday, I was invited (by the good team of the La’Bate launch I covered) to enjoy the tunes of Dan Miz at the Leila Heller Gallery. You may wonder why a musician would choose a gallery for a showcase but it is said that his music is truly inspired by art (that simple). Not familiar with Dan Miz well here’s a few helpful tidbits. He is a New York City based singer/songwriter whose sound is best described as soulful and seductive. He is often inspired by art so there is no surprise as to why I was standing in an art gallery ready to take him in.


Dan Miz uses music like most to share his life stories and journey that expresses all the emotions people have. In the same way, the work featured in the exhibition “challenge the edge of the frame,” Dan Miz breaks barriers by delivering his music through unconventional sounds. It’s his mission to take the abstract and give it color and form just like the pieces so it only made sense to partner with the Leila Heller Gallery on the start of his Gallery Tour, how fitting.


When he first started, I didn’t know what I was going to hear but soon realized I was singing along to words I already knew. Well, that is because he broke the ice by covering The Weeknd hit song, “I Feel It Coming, “who doesn’t love that song?! Then he led us into his abstract world with songs like, Love Again, Deserve (personal favorite) and another which was a mashup of his music along the popular song “Closer” by The Chain Smokers.

The evening was filled with love and support by his family, friends and us bloggers. I can’t wait to see what he has in store being the music was fun and needs to be out ASAP. His sound is perfect for the industry at this exact moment. At the age of 21 he is the millennial we will all be talking about.



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