Hakan Assaya F/W 2017 Presentation


Let me start by saying hands down probably the best show I saw all New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017. It was dark, it was sexy, it was goth, it was political and just BAD in a good way. This is fashion, this is art and it was refreshing to keep sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for what was next to walk out on the runway. The collection shouted “I don’t care, I’m in control and I’m unstoppable.” That entails having freedom of thoughts…Hakan Akkaya is questioning whether people can or cannot live and think “as free as they want” regardless of their religion, race, language or sex. The brand emphasizes “Sporty Couture” in masculine and feminine silhouettes using black and white lined fabrics. Black dominates the collection and the zips, frill details, velvets, denim and metallic seemed fabrics unite in harmony with elegance. hk-4hk-5

hk-7 hk-8

hk-9 hk-10

hk-12 hk-11

hk-14 hk-15

hk-16 hk-18

hk-20 hk-22

hk-23 hk-25

hk-27 hk-28

hk-29 hk-31

hk-32 hk-33

hk-36 hk-38


hk-44 hk-45

hk-47 hk-48

hk-49 hk-50

hk-52 hk-53

hk-54 hk-55

hk-56 hk-57

hk-1 hk-2


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