Custo Barcelona F/W 2017 Presentation

unnamed.jpg         By Amber Monaé

Today, I attended the fun Custo Barcelona fashion show at Pier 59 studios. The brand presented the new line “Light Years” an ode to individuality and shining the light. The collection is a reflexion and radiance of the fabrics. See hereunnamed.jpg

Light Years is built around iridescent lamé, fabrics with metallic finish, laminated fabrics, textures embossed with metallic glitter, nets of lurex thread, and sparkles of colors of precious stones, delicately combined to create feminie and fashionable silhouettes.

Custo  Barcelona experiments in blending fabrics and new patterns which have culminated in a selection of women’s apparel: minis with strategic openings that reveal skin. Asymmetries, frills and patchwork detail of infinite pieces joined together with grace and elegance.


The mens designs also play with light and metallic textures in oversized coats, raincoats, double-breasted jackets, and skinny pants. The Custo man breaks away from convention for a more modern idea that use lights to express personality.



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