Here We Go… It’s New York Fashion Week

By AmberMonaé

Fashion week officially starts tomorrow and I have put together a few tips that I have learned over the years especially for the Fall/Winter shows. 

1. Bring a portable phone charger

Social media is extremely important these days and who wants to miss the best moments so you have to be camera ready at all times. Bring a portable charger and make sure it’s all ready charged up. Not every place will have outlets ready for use so do yourself a favor and be prepared.

2. Sneakers are our friend

Now that sneakers have become more fashionable please use them during fashion week. Trust me by day 3 of shows and after parties your feet will need them. Pumps are so pretty but your feet won’t be by the summer time if you rock heels all week.

3. Plan your outfits ahead

This might be hard to do but just know it is necessary. Pay attention to the weather as the fall/winter shows are in February and the weather is not our friend (tomorrow will be 6-10 inches of snow).

4. Bring food

You may not be able to eat between shows if you have a lot to view back to back so again plan ahead. No I am not talking about a Chipotle burrito but chips, almonds or granola bar should hold you over.

5. Network

This is a great time to mix and mingle. You never know who someone could be so don’t be rude or stand-offish, yes, I know the industry promotes it but trust you should talk to people.

Enjoy the week!


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