Grooming with Hammer & Nails

Hammer & Nails founder Michael ElliotLadies prefer a well-groomed man (I know I do) but do you think of places men can go where they too can be comfortable?! Not really. Most salons are catered to women and when a man walks in he has all eyes on him. Then as men wait they have to listen to our girl talk and flip through magazines catered to us. Well that stops now as Michael Elliot created a mens only salon called, Hammer & Nails.


Image Title2Knowing full well that Elliot wasn’t alone in his thinking, he envisioned a decidedly more male-centric environment for hand and foot grooming. A man cave, if you will, complete with all the accouterments of comfort and luxury: Oversized leather chairs. Dark wood and low lighting that would offer solace at any time of day. Personal 32” flat-screen televisions positioned above each chair. Each client would have their own remote and set of headphones. There would not be any manicure tables or pedicure spa chairs. Hammer & Nails wouldn’t look or feel like a nail salon; its focus would be on wellness.

Image result for michael elliot hammer and nails

Many might be familiar with Elliot already as he is a screenwriter whose movies you might have heard of such as Brown Sugar… lol. I know you all have seen it before. Well Elliot can also add entrepreneur to his list of credits. With the success of his first H&N location he sought the help of Shark Tank investors. Unfortunately, none of the members thought his idea was good enough to invest in. Well being on that show alone is exposure in itself and weeks later Elliot had people interested that helped him raise 200K.

Since then, Elliot has sold 183 franchise licenses in eight states. This year, two locations opened in San Francisco, one open in Santa Fe, one in Plano, TX will open early next year, and still another will open next summer in Greenville, SC.

I’m sure Robert wished he had invested in this brilliant idea


Image result for michael elliot hammer and nailsHammer & Nails offers men pedicures, manicures, barbering, and straight-razor shaves in an atmosphere that looks like a man cave, not a salon. If you are ever in the area of one of these shops, stop in. Great for the holidays!


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