GQ x Archibald London


From the editors of GQ magazine Archibald London has been named one of the “Best Stuff of the Year” for 2016. Once they test hundreds of objects a year they come up with a list and this is how they know. “And once we’re done with the testing, we ask ourselves: Does it work better than anything like it? Is it better-looking than anything like it? If the answer is “Hell yeah!” then we have a winner. There was a lot of impressive stuff this year, but we can say, with no hesitation and only a little guilt, this is the best.

Honey, Where Are My Keys?

Right here sweetheart. Purposeful in its simplicity, the Made Solid Paint Splatter Box proves there’s no reason a catchall should be dreary. Never again search frantically for your essentials, like these next-level-Warby Parker glasses, handcrafted In Japan, from Archibald; your trusty brass pen that, yes, you still need, even with your fancy cell phone; and, of cource, your keys, clipped to this Tod’s key ring—a little nod to luxury’s whimsical revolution.

Box | $130 |
Glasses | $185 |
Pen | $79 |
Key ring | $185 |

Are you loving those Archibald London frames??? Visit for your own handmade glasses inspired by the icons of mid-century counter culture. For questions email

By Akela Moore

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