Draya For Galore Magazine

draya-michele-11-galore-mag.jpgGalore has been known to have the hottest girls of the moment on or in the magazine and Draya Michelle is not exception. Homegirl has been doing her thing lately with her recently launch clothing line Beige & CoCo, her swimsuit line Mint Swim and a slew of magazine spreads. See the rising entrepreneur’s spread here


When did you decide that you wanted to get into fashion?

It was something that I was always interested in and always tried my hand at. I used to draw pictures of clothes as a kid and then I eventually bought a sewing machine and I attempted to learn how to sew. I mean, it didn’t fully click until about 25 years old and then I was just like, I gotta get out of Pennsylvania and I gotta do this and I have to go to the next big city that I can get to and make it happen there.

How many clothing lines do you currently have?
The three clothing lines I currently have are my swimsuit line which is called Mint Swim, I have an urban girl’s line called Fine Ass Girls, and I have a women’s clothing line called Beige and Coco that I just launched. They’re three completely different lines. They all have their own fan base. For Mint Swim and stuff, the girl is a summertime or adventurous type of girl, and we have a variety of sizes, so we cater to almost everyone. Fine Ass Girls is a very young brand so it’s for girls that are influenced by pop culture, influenced by social media, stuff like that. And then Beige and Coco is my more mature and sophisticated line for women, that’s the stuff I kind of moved into for myself so that’s why I created that.

Who are your favorite designers?
I really love Tom Ford, really love Zac Posen, and I really love Victoria Beckham.

Overall who inspires you?
That is going to go back again to Victoria Beckham. She’s definitely like, the GOAT of this life. She’s a mom, she’s a wife, and she does all these jobs and she never has on flat shoes. She’s doing all these things in heels and a big giant purse and she’s just kind of magical. It’s like, how does she do it all?







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