Shine in La’Bate Jewelry


A few weeks ago I attended the best launch party ever and surprisingly it took place after fashion week. Being NYFW had recently ended it is safe to say I have been to many events but there was truly nothing like this one. It was the launch for La’ Bate jewelry taking place at Valbella located in the meatpacking district. I highly suggest getting to know this brand. If not for the jewelry, then just for the amazing designer.



The charismatic designer Anthony La Bate, shiny and fabulous! Now Anthony is not new to the lavish lifestyle as he has designed fancy dresses and gowns for years but has decided to trade in precious gowns for precious stones. The La’ Bate jewelry only uses ethically sourced natural stones, pearls and leathers along with gold and oxidized silver in this debut collection. No two pieces are exactly the same, offering a truly unique accessory for each individual style. The collection ranges in price from $150-$3,000.





Besides the great accessories I have to tell you guys why this event was unlike the rest. The La’ Bate team was so welcoming and treated me like family. I felt like I was invited to an Italian wedding the way the night went on with amazing dishes that I couldn’t even finish, there was so much food! The DJ kept the event lively all night to the point everyone got on the dance floor. This work event became so much more. It was definitely a celebration of success, love and family. So happy they allowed me to join

6 Here the designer is with husband, John Green and kids. As Anthony stated, “these are truly his most valuable stones”.



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