What’s Kith?!

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Last night streetwear designer, Ronnie Fieg made his official New York Fashion Week debut with Kithland, a sprawling multi-faceted “fashion experience” uniting the worlds of streetwear, sneakers, fashion and technology.

The clothes shown were divided into three categories; Beach, City and Mountain — representative of Kith’s New York roots and plans to open in Miami and Aspen, Colorado. The product stayed within Fieg’s established aesthetic of commercially viable hoodies, sweatpants and distressed denim, with new styles like a burgundy fleece robe inspired by Aspen, colorful sportive swimwear perfect for Miami, and a collaborative textured sherpa teddy jacket done in collaboration with Japanese label Ones Stroke.

For Kithland, Fieg enlisted the help of casting director Kevin Amato, stylist Eugene Tong and creative director Nate Brown (who has designed concerts for Jay Z, Beyoncé and Kanye West) to flesh out his vision. “The great thing about Ronnie and his brand is that he has such a strong foundation for the story he’s trying to tell. He came to me primarily to ask how to tell that story, and do it in a way that doesn’t fit in the mold of what has been done before.” [Ronnie] kept saying: “Don’t call it a fashion show. It’s going to be a fashion experience.”


Propelled by the global growth of labels like Supreme and the rise of Virgil Abloh’s street-influenced fashion line Off-White, a finalist in last year’s LVMH awards.  The expansion of streetwear movement started by companies like Stüssy has given birth to a lucrative space at the intersection of youth, culture and high fashion.(via: BOF)



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