StyleWatch X Charming Charlie Launch Accessories Collection

charlie 11

This week StyleWatch x Charming Charlie celebrated the launch of their accessories collection and the The Fashion Plug team was there to experience this limited edition. The Fifth Avenue flagship opened in June of 2015 and we’ve watched the development of building so it was nice to finally see the inside finished product. The sunglass and lipstick lollipops were a nice touch and there was lots of color and great price points. Both Amber and I bought necklaces,. Charming Charlie will definitely be a new place to indulge in great affordable finds to future events. See the inside from the event. 

charlie 12

charlie 10

charlie 5

charlie 4

charlie 3

charlie 9

charlie 8

charlie 2

charlie 13

charlie 14

charlie 15

charlie 16

charlie 1


charlie 17

Amber’s necklace


charlie 18

Akela’s necklace


charlie 7

The gift bag essentials (We stopped at a DSW event and got some complimentary flip flops)

Stop by 445 Fifth Ave and check out Charming Charlie and tell us what you think of our new necklaces!

By Akela Moore


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