Hamptons Magazine “Youth Issue”

FullSizeRender-25Hamptons Magazine Celebrates Cover Stars Hannah Bronfman & Brendan Fallis at OREYA Hamptons

What do you do when you score an invite to the Hamptons?! Well you go the Hamptons silly!

On Saturday, I attended Hamptons Magazine Youth Issue hosted by cover stars, Hannah Bronfman and fiancé Brendan Fallis (pictured above) at new hotspot OREYA located at the Capri Hotel. The two international DJs are a perfect fit to cover the youth issue as they are quintessential millennials. They are both entrepreneurs, brand ambassadors, workout enthusiasts and foodies… check their grams and you’ll see for yourself. The Saturday soiree was well attended by the who’s who of the Hamptons social set as well as myself who got to interview the two hosts, go me, thank you very much! See more of the shindig here!


FullSizeRender-27Hamptons Magazine Celebrates Cover Stars Hannah Bronfman & Brendan Fallis at OREYA Hamptons

Hannah, a native New Yorker who is no stranger to this scene as a “Summer in the Hamptons” is very routine for the young dj. An average day for Hannah can include shooting an Adidas campaign, showing us how to prepare healthy meals on her snapchat, the newest workout craze and ending the evening with her dj’g at a grand opening. Yes, all in one day. Am I fanning out? Yes! I just find it extremely cool and inspiring to see a young woman doing it all and enjoying it! Brendan, impressive in his own right, originally hails from Canada and is certainly a match for his uber talented fiancé. Over the last few years, he has provided music for some of the most high-profile events and campaigns around the globe for clients such as Stuart Weitzman, GQ & Balmain. This new collaboration with Hannah as they embark on their upcoming wedding will be one for the books, I’m sure. Until that time comes it is fun in the sun as Brendan get to experience a piece of Hannah’s upbringing. See what they had to say about the Hampton Lifestyle.

Read the interview here:

How does it feel being on the cover of Hamptons Magazine? 

HB: It feels surreal, growing up here and being this is an iconic magazine, I never thought I would be on the cover. This is something I will remember for the rest of my life and can share with our kids.

What is your Hampton lifestyle?

BF: As an outsider it feels nice to have a community, it feels more like family. It’s so different then when I use to come out here looking for places just to hang out at. Hannah has changed my whole perception.

How would you describe your personal style? 

HB: I’m more girly and evolving, girlish with an athletic edge. Always trying new things as I grow as a woman.

BF: I’m very classic! I like to think if I look back 20 yrs. from now I’ll be considered timeless.

With the DJ market becoming so popular & female djs on the rise what is your niche? 

BF: (Hannah chuckles, she knows Brendan is about to break down the market) There are three kinds of DJ’s; one being a producer, one being an artist and then there are people like us who work within corporate spaces for brands we like.

HB: I love what I do and I am fortunate to do it for 8 yrs. now. But being a female dj I feel it has a time limit as I’m not trying to be a mommy dj, Lol

Who’s the better DJ?

BF: We both learn from each other (political answer)

HB: *interrupts* but babe I have mad skills!


FullSizeRender-28Hamptons Magazine Celebrates Cover Stars Hannah Bronfman & Brendan Fallis at OREYA Hamptons

The cute couple pose for an usie

After the interview, I stayed cool in the humid 80 degree temps with VOSS water. Did you guys know they have flavors now, like lemon ginger and tangerine? Impressive! When I wasn’t hydrating myself I stuck to old faithful, CHAMPAGNE.

FullSizeRender-24 Always nice to have a refreshing glass of champagne to toast to the event as well as their engagement.


I am seen above wearing an Eva Mendes X New York & Company dress with Stuart Weitzman sandals. Get the look

Read more of the cover story here 


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