Apple launches Fashion Channel

How exciting is this?! On Monday, June 6th, Apple announced it will launch a fashion channel and tapped designer Alexander Wang to be the curator.  Besides being a great designer, Wang is known for his epic parties that are always sought after. Wang has a very diverse taste in music, if you have ever been to his shows you will hear Jay-Z, Madonna and Blake Shelton. I think this is a great idea and just shows how music and fashion truly collide.

Wang will have 3 different playlists for all customers, “Chill”, “Hype” and “Vibe” (which is everyone’s new favorite word). Chill, is to decompress, or have a night in (Rihanna, Drake and Juicy J). Hype, are those songs mostly derived from playlists played in a party bus or en route to a festival or going out (Diplo, M.I.A. and Lil Jon). They are songs that kick up the energy. Vibe, is more a playlist that’s in between, with songs that have high energy and also are great classics (A$AP Rocky, Rich Homie Quan and Meek Mill), says Wang.

This just reminds me of the time I randomly bumped into Alexander Wang at 40/40 in New York City no idea why I was there but I was and he was having the time of his life. This was like two years ago and I said, he loves his hip-hop and sure enough by the looks of his playlist, I wasn’t wrong!


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