Virgil Abloh – The Man behind Kanye West

When I saw the invite for last week’s G-shock event was being DJ’d by Virgil Abloh I knew I had to go.  I’ve heard so much about this visionary creature that I had to see him in person for myself. I was pretty shocked to learn a lot of people aren’t familiar with him, so let me give you a lesson! He’s your favorite rappers, favorite DJ. He is the creative director for Kanye West and launched Milan-based label Off-White. He is exactly what we millennials are all about… being multi-talented and multifaceted.


When Shiona Turni is rocking your label, you made it!

Virgil has created a path that many can only dream of and there’s no stopping where he may go next. For a young man that first started working for Mr. West in 2002 to now being his creative director was given the title “innovative” and “quick” by the mogul.

Virgil started off his other passion while at Wisconsin college. He use to dj there and now he gets to travel the globe doing just that while learning and mixing cultures, that is what Virgil brings to Off-White! That is what he brings to his music and his fashion.

Be Inspired!


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