Get to Know Filthy Haanz

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Ready-to-wear brand Filthy HAANZ unveiled its new collection with an art installation


Filthy HAANZ celebrated the launch of its Resort 16 collection last week at 312 Bowery Art Gallery, downtown New York City.

The art and fashion worlds collided with an art installation featuring photography from the latest collection from this chic street wear brand. The photography showcased beautifully illustrated the jungle and art deco themes seen throughout the collection, with its bold use of prints and exquisite fabrics. Inspired by the iconic King Kong movie, the collection features bananas and leaves, giving an exotic feel to these casually stylish pieces. Culminating with King Kong’s rise to the top of the Empire State building, the second half of the collection is inspired by art deco and can be seen in the structure of the dresses and the positioning of the patterns. Gorgeous greens and yellows with alluring golds set against deep blacks add variety to this already diverse collection.

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Top editors, stylists and social media figures gathered to join in the celebration and artistry of this collection exhibit. Attendees viewed the collection while enjoying drinks sponsored by Peroni Beer and music by New York City DJ Austin Millz. Choosing to host the launch at an art gallery was the ingenious idea of Filthy HAANZ Creative Director, Wilber Tellez, who strongly believes that every piece of clothing should be treated as work of art.

Filthy HAANZ, a brand reveling in the celebration of life is branded by the handprint symbolizing creation as the ultimate tribute the foundation of life. Each piece in this collection focuses on the human body to use clothing as imagery to express one’s self. Filthy HAANZ invites you to join in the celebration of life and a tribute to individual expression.

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filthy 14me and pat

~Akela Moore


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