Air Max Con Comes to NYC

airmax 2

Ever stood in line for 2 hours just to see sneakers? Lol,I did but it was worth it. I got on line around 2:30pm in NYC at the Skylight Clarkson, one of the main locations for New York Fashion Week and got inside around 4:30pm. #AirMaxCon was a interactive showcase of Nike Air Max sneakers in every color. It honestly was a art gallery of every style of Air Max since 1987 when the first shoe was released. The event also took place in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Air Max lovers ate cereal and ice cream, were able to get all white Air Max sneakers monogrammed and shop for new Nike Air Max sneakers to add to their collection.


Growing up, Nike Air Max and Jordans were every little boy and little girls sneaker they wanted to wear on the first day of school. And now every fashionista of all ages are staying stylish in sneakers. Stay Stylish in Sneakers

While in line, volunteers working for the event walked around and showed all of the attendees which styles were available to buy and the Nike Air Max Safari 1 which was just re-released a month ago were the first to be sold out.





airmax 5

airmax 4

~Akela Moore


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