Naeem Khan Fall/Winter 2016 Presentation Review

So how can I describe this collection in one word?! Dreamy! I thought the Naeem Khan presentation was simply beautiful in all its flair. See highlights from the collection here

The dresses were beautifully made and styled by stylist to the stars Mary Alice Stevenson


The collection is a reflection of New York’s Art Deco influence but I felt the collection would fit into Paris during the Roaring 20’s (my fav era)


Which is an interesting tidbit to learn that the designer wants to present couture fashion in Paris. Well I believe he just did in NY, so would love to see what Paris would hold for him. The overall feel was breathtaking and I just wanted to play dress up. Gold, red, lace and fringe would make even a tomboy toss their kicks.

With the Oscars approaching I know some star is bound to show up in one of his looks, mark my words!

There were so many special moments in the show but I think the audience can agree the best moment was when young Trinity took the final walk with the designer. I first notice Trinity as I was sitting across from her and she stood out like a princess and being my day job is working with Disney, I know my princesses. With the help of Make-A-Wish foundation, Trinity was able to fulfill a beautiful dream.



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