Public School Presentation


So yesterday was a bit of an adventure! My business partner and I attended the Public School menswear presentation held at Milk Studios. The brand lived up to its name by inviting the public to view the collection along with the elite. 


On Monday, at 1pm, the designers tweeted that they would be opening the show to the first 50 people that showed up at 5pm that same day to grab these here wristbands… Well you the Fashion Plug was in there like swimwear. I contacted my partner (main reason its great to be a team) and she was on it, got those wristbands for us in a matter of minutes.


The show was set to start at 10am but of course it did not. The public (us) waited outside as that was the way the show was going to occur for us. I was front and center but as usual there is always someone trying to take my spot. Back up Felicia! By 11am it was go time







The collection stems from a David Bowie film he starred in called, The Man Who Fell From Earth. This is how you stay fashionable while weathering the conditions of the world.




How do you weather these conditions?… well with camo print, anoraks and leather.



What do you guys think of the catwalk-sidewalk?


Here I am with the designers, Maxwell and cutie Dao -Yi. It was such a sunny day which made me think this “public” invitation was a last minute decision based on the weather but hey much appreciated.


Akela with the designers as well.


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