Road to the Oscars: Golden Globes vs Critic Choice

red carpet

Happy Monday Day Fashion Pluggers! We are almost exactly one month away from biggest night in Movies and we are down two big awards show so far; The Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Awards and we are on the road to the Oscars. Amidst all of the controversy with Jada Pinkett leading a boycott of the Oscars and Chris Rock hosting, my focus will still be on the red carpet. Lets compare some of the looks recently on the carpet and what we can anticipate on the big night!

amy-schumer golden globescritic- amy s

Amy Schumer- winner is Golden Globes

golden globes- alicia vikanderalicia-vikander- critic choice

Alicia Vikander- winner is Golden Globes

melissa mccarthy golden globes 2016melissa-mccarthy

Melissa McCarthy- winner is Golden Globes

Kirsten Dunst GlobesKirsten Dunst Critics

Kirsten Dunst- winner is Golden Globes

Rosie GlobesRosie Critics

Rosie Huntington Whiteley- winner is Golden Globes

emmy globesemmy critic

Emmy Rossum- winner is Golden Globes

saoirse globesaoirse critic

Saoirse Ronan- winner is Golden Globes

hbz-gg-rachel-mcadamsrachel critics

Rachel McAdams- winner is Critics Choice Awards

hbz-gg-zoe-kazanzoe critic

Zoe Kazan- winner is Golden Globes

leslie globeleslie critic

Leslie Mann- winner is Critics Choice Awards

hbz-gg-regina-kingregina critic

Regina King- winner is Critics Choice Awards (we could have swapped out the shoes)

hbz-gg-gina-rodriguezgina critics

Gina Rodriguez- winner is Golden Globes (Love the soft peach color better at Critics Choice Awards)

hbz-gg-america-ferreraamerica critics

America Ferrera- winner is Critics Choice Awards

hbz-gg-rachel-bloomrachel bloom critics

Rachel Bloom- winner is Golden Globes

hbz-gg-jennifer-jason-leighjennifer critic

Jennifer Jason Leigh- winner is Critics Choice Awards

gallery-1452480659-hbz-gg-helen-mirren-swaphelen critics


So overall The Golden Globes total looks were better on the red carpet over the Critics Choice Awards. Worst looks for both red carpets goes to Zoe Kazan. She could have done something different with her hair and different makeup to highlight her features instead of making her look pale and washed out. Best looks for both red carpets goes to Helen Mirren. She nailed it even though stayed a bit safe with black and black/white dresses, she truly captures dressing for your body type and age appropriate. Let me know which looks you thought were better on who wore it best at which event.







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