Beauty Trends of 2015

We can definitely agree that this year was filled with many different beauty looks to try; from hair to makeup see it all here

1. Beyoncé high ponytail is nothing new but is rarely seen on the red carpet so it was a nice surprise at the Met Gala.

2 and 3. The Kylie Jenner effect – big lips and colored hair. Kylie single handily had people over lining lips or getting fillers and coloring their color not the typical colors this  past summer.

4.  Zendaya Faux Locs – although when she wore it there was a lot of controversy but this look is actually really pretty on a plethora of people. Its a good protective style while seeing if locs work for you.

5. Kim Kardashian Highlighting – Though she is known for contour this year it was all about the highlight.

6.  Teyana Taylor Ombre Lips – using a dark liner with a brighter lipstick creating this lip phenom

7. Kat Graham Septum ring

So what do you guys think? Where these the big beauty trends of 2015? Is there anything you want to add? Are you going to keep it going in 2016?


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