The Winner is… Hanna Beth

The winner of the reality show, House of DVF season two is the shy yet edgy Hanna Beth. Although I am happy for this gorgeous girl to bring a different side to DVF, I personally felt Cat should have won. Cat was more experience and did well on every task. The reason I believe Cat didn’t win is due to the fact that she was too much like last years winner Brittany Hampton and you can’t have two very aggressive women being ambassadors. Hanna Beth has a large Instagram following (which matters these days) and recently a public break-up with a well-known actor so this definitely will bring attention to the feminine brand.


I knew HB was a contender from the very first episode when she walked onto the screen looking very LA but edgy, hell she even made me reconsider getting a nose ring. So lets stay tune to see what happens next. I would love to know what this means for the previous winner, is she out?


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