Fab Fit Fun Fall

A few weeks ago I attended the Fab Fit Fun launch party at the Dream Downtown hotel. The event was to introduce new products and pamper the guest…every girls dream, just look at who greats you as you walk in. Seriously it was a perfect appreciation event with massages, manicures, hair braiding make-up sampling, food sampling and drinks of course.  Take a look with me

Nature Valley was handing out there new bars like hot cakes but I learn something new. If you don’t want to buy an expensive bag of granola you can crush their bars and use that as granola instead. I have been doing this all week with my oatmeal .

Skinny Girl cocktails helped us relax without adding the calories

Talk about one of the most sought after pleasures of the night


Punching up my after-work attire


Long day… checking out my fun finds in the goodie bag

2 4

Although there was some good items in the bag, to the right are my favs

1.  Earthly Body “Heep Seed” hand & body lotion – always at my desk

2. BodiPure “Keratin” socks- I had to try these out after the wear and tear on my feet from these NY streets

3. LeSportsac case – love the sporty theme

4. Wiresless Speaker

5. Vaseline spray moisturizer – lotioning made easy

6. Soul Cycle pass – I  am really interested in trying this out

7. Water diffuser – so far this is working out great, love thinking of different mixes to try

             6 7

Mint was an interesting taste made me crave a mojito and the lemons are easy as I always had a bottle of lemon juice in the fridge, now just using real lemons

Hope you guys try out some of these products. If there are other fruits you mix together for the water diffuser please share.


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