Justine Skye X Rocawear

Kylie Jenner’s best friend, purple-hair singer Justine Skye just signed to be the face of Rocawear’s junior line La Belle Roc. I for one didn’t know Rocawear was still going strong or where its even being sold, so this is a cute surprise. Last year they introduced rapper Fabulous for their Blak line and also tapped entrepreneur Draya to rebrand themselves. See a few looks of Justine serving face

I recently saw Justine perform at the Tidal X 1020 concert here in New York City. So its interesting that she is also the face of Rocawear. Jay-z must see great potential in the self-proclaimed purple unicorn. I will say she gave a good show and her performance attire gave me Rihanna/Nicole Wray vibes. Do y’all remember her or am I showing my age?

Tidal performance look

Personally, I am really anxious to get a Bob haircut and love this look on Justine. When I cut my hair off five years ago I toyed with the idea of coloring my hair either purple or a dark blue. It just looks good and amazed me how well it works on brownskin, so Justine is making me reconsider. Thanks girl!


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