Forever 21 Grows Up

Photographed by Dan Jackson and styled by George Cortina, the new imagery is a continuation of the brand’s new  point of view and direction with a large focus on menswear. For the Forever 21 “Forever You” fall campaign they paired industry veterans with exciting new faces to reflect the aesthetic of the collection, while keeping to the core of the company with on-trend attainable fashion that we’ve come to love.

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The retailer is focusing on an older demographic now (not just tweens) by stocking the store with forgiving fits and sophisticated looks.

Forever 21 LookbookForever 21 Lookbook

See what the stores have to offer:


Textures Culotte Overalls  Metallic Oxfords

Well they have the fall looks down as I recently posted about here. Lets get into these oxfords though, as I was actually considering purchasing a pair and of course SOLD OUT!!!

Forever 21 has started a marketing ploy where customers of the company get to post their outfits from the stores/website and upload onto Instagram in a campaign called, F21XM. These are my favs so far


Join in on the fun and upload your fashionable purchases from Forever21 (what are they gonna do with the name now).


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