Indian Summer – How to dress seasonally appropriate

Do you know how to dress when the season is technically fall but the temperature screams summer?! It is kinda a hard task as I almost made the mistake this morning. I knew it would be warm so thought to wear my mint green skirt seen here with a gray sweatshirt to mix it up a little but when I looked in the mirror it read spring, I looked confused. Don’t make my mistake so here is some assistance.


Celebs like Jessica Alba & Beyoncé get it…dark color short hemlines and cut-outs. Burgundy, maroon, wine whatever you may call it always screams fall is here but these silhouettes provide summer comfort


Celebs like Blake Lively and Taylor Swift know how to play with mustard, yellow or clementine whatever you may call it as they do it well with leather and pleats


Celebs like Selena Gomez and Karrueche work hunter green, moss or dark green whatever you may call it with deep plunges and high slits, this is one of my favorite colors for the season

Another issue with the changing season is footwear

Although sandals may work right now oxfords and chelesa boots make it a lot easier to transition. See it below



Young mogul Angela Simmons looks cute today but a little confused with the weather


Here I am trying out the seasonally appropriate look by rocking pink pumps and a leather skirt

The moral of the story folks is wear the high slits, cut-outs and deep v-necklines but do it in the appropriate color and fabric. Fall is truly the best season ever, it brings lush colors and best hair weather breeze besides all of this it my Birthday month… Scorpio Baby!


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