Dream Trip – Euro Already Know

I think what makes our generation so different from our parents is our quest for new things, new journeys and new experiences! Hence why Instagram is so popular, it broadens our horizon and shows places we wouldn’t have imagine and then we seek out to explore for ourselves. So I did just that, well with the company of my friends, we decided to take another girls trip but instead of somewhere tropical we set out for Europe for ten days! We decided upon cities like Milan, London and Paris in that order. If you’re like me and always dreamt of trips like these but never thought it would be possible then check out my journey!

First stop was Milan, although known for the great wine and Duomo Di Milano area there really isn’t much to see, I would suggest to anyone that this is just a day trip kind of place. Thankfully we made friends with overseas basketball players who showed us the nightlife at the Corso Como area that is full of bars, clubs and the famous thick cheesy pizza…Yummy.


Wine is best served with friends!

On our last night, we ventured into central Milan (Centrale) and had dinner at Settembrini, I would highly recommend this place to everyone. We arrived late around closing but the owner was gracious enough to stay open just for us! We had lobster, sea bass and spaghetti of course all made to perfection. *This is not a paid advertisement lol it was just a great meal. * The host was welcoming and even took shots with us of Limon cello which is very big out there.

Then we were off to London…


This by far was my favorite city on the trip. I was very much a tourist looking to snap pictures anywhere I could, with Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey and of course you have to do the phone booth pic! For dinner we were told to try Duck & Waffle as its one of the best places to eat and shows panoramic views of London while staying open 24hrs.

Here at D&W, we honestly didn’t all plan on wearing black but it worked out that way.

In my Nasty Gal jumpsuit

Between hoping on double decker buses and walking all over London to get to the SoHo area looking for makeup brand Illmasqua since it’s no longer in the states and is my favorite line sold only there, we were exhausted so what else is there to do… From there we did the bar scene and tried the infamous fish –n– chips London is known for. I will say the bar scene was going up on Tuesday… felt like home

From there we caught the Eurostar and headed to Paris…

Eiffel Tower kisses

Paris was jammed pack for us being we had a lot to do between the Eiffel tower, to Palace of Versailles and a photo shoot. We went all the way up the Eiffel Tower which reminded me how afraid of heights I am but I did it anyway, my momma didn’t raise no punk! One thing about Paris that was a damper was the rain, mmmmh OMG we were not prepared even though we checked the weather beforehand it lied to us greatly. So after the Eiffel Tower we hopped around Paris and ended up in downtown area where all brands are housed we had to run into Zara and change our summer clothes into fall necessities

The next day, the warmer day we headed to Palace of Versailles

Hall of Mirrors

7 8

L to r: the garden and out front

We thought we would have enough time in between for our shoot but that was false within 2hrs we had to be camera ready! Hence the run

Who has a photoshoot their first time in Paris? WE DO! #SQUADGOALS

If you are ever in need of a photographer while in Paris contact Michel Planson

After the “Sex in the City” shoot ( everyone thinks their Carrie Bradshaw) we had mussels and fries which seemed to be a delicacy out there. I cannot forget to mention the crepes we ate on our last day, I can’t recall the area but I’m sure everywhere is great… my mouth just watered thinking about the one I ate.


So that was my trip. We each had our bags delayed on our way home but that’s neither here nor there. So happy it happened at the end of the trip than at the beginning. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world it was amazing and just makes me ready to live in another country…yea that’s how good it was. You just need to be open for the adventure, meet new people and learn new languages isn’t that what our generation is all about anyway?!

Oh but I do have some tips

  1. Make sure you convert your money while in other countries beforehand, the transfer fees are ridiculous
  2. Be realistic about how much you will need out there and budget accordingly
  3. Bring a jacket and umbrella regardless of what the weather says (this saved me)
  4. Bring snacks so you don’t always have to eat out (learned that when I went to China)
  5. Make sure your money is always secured, backpacks are suggested

We had some moments that we didn’t capture in pictures like walking in the rain, struggling with luggage’s (if you hop around cities use a backpack instead), getting stuck on a train to who knows where, injuring myself and slipping down a flight of stairs… You guys wouldn’t be interested anyway hahaha

*I hope you enjoyed my experience and ready to have one of your own*



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