Delia’s is Back and ready for 2015 and beyond

There is something about the 90’s that our society will not let go but who cares? With it being one of the greatest eras for music and fashion, the relaunch TODAY August 6th 2015,  of the 90’s brand Delia’s is a heavenly treat to young teenage girls everywhere.

delias 1 

After filing for bankruptcy merely 8 months ago, deLiA’s has made a comeback and now you can own the brands denim, graphic T-shirts, and party dresses, which are “key categories dELiA*s has been known for in the past,” according to Patricia Johnson, the brand’s EVP and chief merchandising officer.delias 2

Sizes will range from 00 to 13, and price points include $19.90 for graphic tees, $49 for denim, and $59.90 to $79.90 for party dresses. Those prices seem pretty consistent with what they were in the late ’90s but making it a bit more inexpensive for the consumer.

Striking the right balance for a “true junior” customer base means exposed midriff might be okay. You won’t find anything too tweeny or too sexy and you won’t find anything with glitter like fashion brand Justice. Most of the items will be dELiA*s-branded. Other brands on offer include Dickies Girl, Madden Girl, Steve Madden, Converse, and Superga. 

The “magazine” component of the re-launch — a fancy word for “catalog” — has a new art director and will “feel like a zine,” with, according to Johnson, stories about, say, styling your Converses five different ways, and the like. “It’s very all-inclusive. Some models look a little older, some look a little younger, so all of our readers can all be included,” she says. The logo looks exactly the same: “We’re evoking some of that nostalgia of the ’90s.”

But the main appeal might be the act of receiving real live snail mail, according to Johnson: “Girls don’t get mail anymore, so there’s something exciting about receiving a catalog. It’s special; it feels like an experience.” (It was pretty exciting and adult to get mail back in the ’90s, too, wasn’t it?) Themes in the upcoming catalog include “the ’90s grunge look — a plaid shirt with a great graphic tee and a combat boot,” and “lots of ’80s prep, with ballerina flats and fit-and-flare dresses,” Johnson says. Serious ’90s nerds, take note: When the holidays roll around, there will be crushed velvet dresses and choker’s. Welcome deLiA’s new 2015 girl. 

 delias 4

delias 3delias 6

delias 5


~Akela Moore

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