Lingerie for Brown Girls

Nubian Skin

Ade Hassan launched the lingerie brand Nubian Skin a year ago, as she answered the long awaited prayers of women of color who were tired of the “nude” underwear options offered. Deciding that it was time for a different kind of nude, Hassan debuted a line of bras, panties, and hosiery available in four different shades geared toward the darker-skinned women of the world. Based in London, the brand quickly blew up in the U.K. and soon garnered lots of attention overseas, where American customers would have to wait up to three weeks to receive their orders.

Essential Lingerie - Nubian Skin Discover our Hosiery - Nubian Skin Lace Collection - Nubian Skin

Well, U.S. residents can finally say goodbye to that long wait process, as Nordstrom has just began selling two different bra styles, mid-rise briefs, and a seamless thong, with lots more on the horizon. It’s safe to say these pieces will be a game changer for any women of color who love a sheer look or an all-white outfit. (fashionista)

This is just as a great moment in fashion as the Christian Louboutin nude variation pumps. Women of color should be counted as well.



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