Love Wins and Fashion Prevails for Gay Marraige

gay pride imageYou better work! Yassss honey!!! lol The hashtag this past weekend was #LOVEWINS as America celebrated the official legal status of the members of the LGBT community being able to marry in each 50 states. What an amazing way to end Gay Pride month. First Caitlyn Jenner came out as herself to the world and we can’t forget that many of our notable designers of our time are openly gay and provide us with these great fashions we blog about. Celebrating down Fifth Ave in the Gay Pride Parade yesterday was one for the history books and the gays were out in full force.  Heels, spandex and all strutting with confidence and just an array of happiness. Here is my little hommage to a historical moment in the US.

gay pride 2


Gay Parade

Gay Parade

~Akela Moore

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