Rebecca Minkoff: An Interactive Experience

Rebecca Minkoff

Shopping steps into the future with magic mirrors!

Last night I attended the Rebecca Minkoff “midsummer party” store event and was able to test out the “magic mirrors” for myself. As soon as you walk into the store located in SoHo on Greene Street the interactive wall is in view. You can still shop the old fashion way or step to the next level.

Here’s how it works

I tapped the screen to begin my interactive experience. I was able to choose if I wanted anything to drink (water, tea or coffee) to help with the whole journey… you fancy huh?! Next, I was able to choose the clothes I was interested in through the look-book. As you go through each slide of the look-book it details all the pieces, you can click on a piece and choose your size and have it brought to the fitting room. Once you are finished with the picks you are asked to enter your phone number as it will send a text to alert you that your room is ready.


After you get an alert and head to the fitting room, it too is an interactive experience. Customers can adjust the lighting in various ways to see how the outfit looks on them in different environments. If they don’t like the way a certain piece fits or looks on them, they don’t have to call out for the stylist to get a new size or color. Just by tapping a command on the mirror it will alert the stylist as to what item the shopper wants to try on. This is all made possible by the RFID tags attached to the items in the store, so that shoppers and stylists know exactly what sizes and colors are in stock without sending anyone to the back room to dig into the inventory.

2 3

The fun didn’t stop there though. Customers were able to sip some bubbly, taste healthy treats, get their hair done and try the new trend of jewelry tattoos by Tribe Tats. I have some on my wrist in the bottom right and middle picture. One thing I did notice throughout the store was a group of Essie nail polish colors. I spoke with a sales associate there that stated Rebecca Minkoff was recently named the Global Color Designer for the brand…how fun is that?

4 6 5

In all I think the interactive tool is a great idea and I am sure more will jump on board. Out of the box thinking!


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