Stella McCartney’s Star Studded Fashion Fiesta in a Garden

stella 5So yesterday Stella McCartney was going to be my WCW but I decided a little throwback Thursday would suffice as it was literally hands down one of the best fashion presentations I have ever attended. Alicia Keys tugging at her hair to one side and shaking maracas and Liv Tyler being silly with the cut out cardboard photo stand, what more could you ask for. Well maybe hanging with the likes of Maxwell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cara Delevinge, Miranda Kerr, Hannah Brohnman, Amber Valetta, St. Vincent, Dree Hemingway, and Alexa Chung. It was a fiesta filled with signature drinks, men on stilts, ice water refreshments, models running around in the grass in full length dresses in spring colors and a full live band showcasing her Spring 2016 collection. My favorite pieces were the cool I-phone cases. I was about to tell Alicia Keys and Maxwell to sing “Fire We Make” lol. stella 4

stella 2

stella 3

stella 6

stella 7stella-mccartney-resort-presentation-party-060915-Fstella 8stella 9stella 1

~Akela Moore

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